Spend a Night in the Pages of a Manga! Hotel Tavinos in Hamamatsucho



Spend a Night in the Pages of a Manga! Hotel Tavinos in Hamamatsucho


Spending a night in the world of manga... how does that sound? Opened in Tokyo in August 2019, HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho is attention-grabbing with its manga-themed interior. I spent a night here to see what it's like to feel like a manga character.

Easy Access to Haneda Airport and Tokyo Central Area

HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho is very conveniently located within a 10 minute walk of 3 stations and 6 train lines. If you want to explore Tokyo this is a great central spot to stay at. In addition, it is only about 30 minutes from Haneda Airport by Tokyo Monorail without changing trains and easy to access from Narita Airport too.

From Hamamatsucho Station to the hotel the walk was flat, so carrying a suitcase was no problem.

HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho outside


Getting to HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho

Don't let the unassuming building deceive you. As soon as you walk through the entrance you will be pulled into the world of manga! The illustrations of airplanes, and the word "Go!" written in Japanese on the wall mark the start of your manga journey.
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho entrance

Feeling like a Manga Character in the Lobby

Upon entering I rode the elevator to the lobby on the 2nd floor. As soon as the doors opened I was greeted by an illustration of a suitcase. 
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho illustration

Leaving the elevators and turning the corner I saw just how themed the hotel is. The lobby lounge is decorated from floor to ceiling. The walls, desks, and even the sofas look like pages from a manga. Each picture is divided into frames, just like a comic. 
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho lobby

Before I could explore more, I needed to check in so I headed over to one of the two auto check-in/out machines. There are a few ways to check in, for example by scanning your passport or entering your reservation number. No need to fill any paper forms, just choose a language and with just a few button presses you're checked in!

HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho check-in


HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho check-in machine

The illustrations in the lobby have a shopping street theme with an ongoing story. With images of restaurants and cafes, it wants to reproduce the lively atmosphere of a shopping street to create a unique feel.
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho lobby
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho lobby
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho lobby
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho tables

The wide and bright space is very comfortable. It makes for a fun picture background and a nice place to have a chat with the other guests.

A Corridor That Tells a Story

The rooms are located from the 3rd to 13th floor. Once in the elevator, you hold your key card next to the button.  You'll only be able to press the floor where you stay.
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho elevator

On each floor, there's a different illustration displaying the floor number on the wall opposite the elevator. Here are floors 12 and 13.

HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho room floor


HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho room floor

The corridor leading to the rooms is the same for each floor. It depicts the process from checking into the hotel to arriving to the room, manga-style of course.
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho corridor

If you're familiar with Japanese comics you'll recognize the many onomatopoeias that are used in manga. I took a picture walking with my suitcase on a part of the carpet with the expression "teku teku" (テクテク), often used to indicate walking. I look like I'm part of a manga!
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho corridor


The Minimalistic "Manga Rooms"

The moment I opened the door I let out a surprised laugh. The manga world continues into the room!

Freshly Brewed Coffee Room

The rooms tell a story as well, that unfolds starting from the curtain, to the bed sheets and onto the floor. The photo below is the coffee-themed room. The story starts with the grinding of the beans and finishes with a nice cup of coffee.
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho coffee room

This is called the "Double Room" (bed size: 170cm x 195cm). There is a moderately large storage space under the bed, and a folding chair and table under the wall-mounted TV set. A no-frills, urban compact style room.

HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho storage


HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho room

Beside the bed is a light switch, four power outlets and two USB ports. They also feature cute manga-style images.
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho plugs

The room has a shower and toilet. You'll find a hairdryer and a few other appliances to make your stay as comfortable as possible.
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho amenities

If you are staying with two people, the Hollywood Twin Room (bed size: 85cm x 195cm each) may be a better choice.
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho room

There Is Also an Egg Room and a Bread Room!

Aside from coffee you'll also find an egg room and a bread room, all with the same storytelling style.
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho egg room
Egg room
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho bread room
Bread room (left: Double Room, right: Hollywood Twin Room)

HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho also has one room called the Universal Room. Larger than the other rooms, it's better suited for people with disabilities and has enough room to be accessible by wheelchair.
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho room
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho room
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho bathroom

There are even rooms facing the sea! The higher floors offer a great view of Odaiba on a sunny day.
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho sea view


Get Travel Support with the AI Concierge

After dropping off my luggage I returned to the lobby to check out another interesting feature. Its name is TAVINOSHIORI and it provides travelers with all kinds of information.

HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho AI concierge


HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho AI concierge

This AI concierge uses the latest technology and is available in Japanese, English and Chinese. Touch the giant screen or talk to it to get information curated by the hotel staff about restaurants, sightseeing spots, events and more. When you find something you like, scan the QR code with your smartphone and you're ready to go!
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho AI concierge


Exploring the Facilities

A coffee machine, along with water and ice machines can be used in the lobby lounge between 6:30 and 24:00. There is also a Family Mart convenience store located on the first floor.
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho facilities

Bread is provided free of charge during the morning hours (6: 30-10: 00). The tables provide a fun manga-style background!
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho breakfast

HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho has various convenient features like free Wi-Fi and a coin laundry. There is also a luggage storage service that you can use before checking in or after checking out. It works with an IC card or credit card.

HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho lockers


HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho luggage storage

Equipment such as electric kettles, humidifiers and extension cords are freely available. Just ask the staff if you need something. There are also many foreign staff members, so you don't have to worry about language.

Check-out time is 11:00. Simply return your room key to the machines and you're done.
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho card


Spend a Night in the Manga World!

HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho can be a fun way to complete your trip to Japan. If you like manga, try spending a night here for a unique experience.
HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho outside



HOTEL TAVINOS Hamamatsucho | ホテルタビノス 浜松町
Address: 1-13-3 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: About 8 min. walk from Hamamatsucho Station on the JR Yamanote Line, Keihin Tohoku Line and Tokyo Monorail / About 8 min. walk from Daimon Station on the Toei Oedo Line and Asakusa Line / About 2 min. walk from Takeshiba Station on the Yurikamome Line.
Price: Approx. 10,000 yen per room (varies depending on the season) *Maximum capacity is 2 people per room
Clickhere to make a reservation

*The above article is based on information from July 2019.
*Data for this article was updated July 2020.
*Please inquire with the hotel about prices and other information before your visit.

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