Shopping at ItoYokado Omori: Japanese Sweets, Fruit and More!



Shopping at ItoYokado Omori: Japanese Sweets, Fruit and More!



ItoYokado is a popular supermarket with stores all over Japan. Here you can buy everything from fresh foods, fruits, and sweets to cosmetics and clothing. In this article we'll introduce you to the Omori store, located near Omori Station in Tokyo. Omori Station has easy access to both Haneda and Narita Airports. It's also close to the JR Shinagawa Station where you can take the Shinkansen train. There are plenty of hotels and other accommodations is the area, making it a very convenient base for sightseeing!


ItoYokado Omori Branch

For this article we explored every floor of the ItoYokado Omori store in Tokyo. Come shop with us and start making your own shopping list for when you travel to Japan!

1F “Food Marche OOMORI”: the food floor

We started with the food section, where all kinds of delicious treats await!


1st floor Food Marche Omori


■Try some Japanese sweets

Many people will tell you that one thing you must try in Japan is Kit Kat. Here they come in so many different flavors, and this ItoYokado carries a very nice selection. How about nuts and cranberry, or rare cheesecake in a Mt. Fuji-shaped packaging?

rare cheesecake in a Mt. Fuji-shaped packaging


Japanese Kit Kat


A great thing about supermarkets is that they also have bigger packages. We couldn't pass on some delicious-looking matcha flavored Pocky, and we also grabbed seasonal editions of popular Japanese cookies!


ItoYokado Omori, sweets

Pocky Afternoon Luxury Uji Matcha
Alfort Maron (seasonal flavor)
Choco Pie Mont Blanc flavor


Looking for something with a distinct Japanese taste? The SEVEN PREMIUM GOLD line has some tasty rice crackers made with Japanese ingredients.


Kin no Age-okaki

Kin no Age-okaki

If you are looking for a healthier option there is a well-stocked gluten-free and low sugar corner.


gluten-free and low sugar corner at ItoYokado Omori


Too many items on your shopping list already? Don't worry, we'll give a summary of our findings and recommendations at the end of the article.


 DiGJAPAN! Our Recommended Shopping List! 8 Must-Have Japanese Food Souvenirs


■Things to try during your stay!

ItoYokado stocks plenty of fresh fruits and ingredients. In particular, the seasonal fruit corner near the entrance of the food market will give you a taste of Japan's everyday life. Apples, melons, watermelons and other seasonal fruits are neatly lined up on the shelves.


Apples at ItoYokado Omori


Strawberries at ItoYokado Omori


For those with a sweet tooth, we highly recommend the refrigerated treats. There are plenty of desserts like pudding and roll cake generously topped with fruit.


Desserts at ItoYokado Omori


ItoYokado also offers a wide variety of prepared food. In particular we recommend their sushi, which is freshly made and very cheap. We picked up the 10 pack in the picture below for under 600 yen!


Sushi at ItoYokado Omori


In addition to sushi you'll find plenty more yummy side dishes. From the classic omurice (omelet with a fried rice filling) to the omnipresent croquettes and yakitori.




You can also purchase freshly baked breads, donuts, and croissants from the bakery corner. They are baked right here in the store.


Bakery at ItoYokado Omori


Bakery at ItoYokado Omori


1F "7 Bi No Gardens": Skin Care, Cosmetics, Daily Necessities, Pharmaceuticals

On the same floor is the drug store "7 Bi no Gardens". Here you'll find an abundant selection of original cosmetics, medicines, and other daily necessities.


7 Bi no Gardens at ItoYokado Omori


Make sure you check out KOSE Sekkisui, a series of skin care products jointly developed by KOSE and Seven & i Holdings. They include a wide range of lotions and face masks.


Sekkisui cosmetics


We also spotted items from popular brands, like Nivea and Mentholatum's lip balms. If you're a fan of face masks, the Japan-made ones are said to be exceptionally effective. Even if you buy a lot the packaging is thin and not bulky at all.


Popular cosmetics at ItoYokado Omori


Japanese face masks


Look out for the low price cosmetics corner! It's filled with cute items like CANMAKE's blush and KATE's eyeshadow. There are plenty of testers to have fun experimenting with.


Make-up  at ItoYokado Omori


We also picked up these made-in-Japan interdental brushes and dental floss. Kobayashi's brushes are ultra-fine and easy to use even for beginners. They also have a line of fruit-flavored dental floss jointly developed with SEVEN PREMIUM. They even come with a portable case!


Japanese interdental brushes and floss


Checking out the daily necessities corner we particularly liked the variety of containers like stainless vacuum tumblers and soup jars. Among these we recognized the well-known brands Tiger and Zojirushi. There are so many different sizes and shapes for different uses in daily life.


Daily necessities


Food and drinks containers at ItoYokado Omori


2F: Clothing, Functional Underwear and More!

The second floor of ItoYokado Omori is dedicated to clothes. Socks, shoes, underwear and more can be found here. Among them we spotted BODY HEATER, a brand with many loyal fans. Their line of underwear features functional items with high heat retention that are also thin and comfortable to wear. 


Body Heater underwear


ItoYokado Omori features other stores all located in the same building. Shop GU for fashion, Francfranc for daily goods, ABC Mart for shoes, and Seria for 100 yen items. You don't have to worry about searching all over the city. Everything you need is right here!


3F: Children's Toys and Clothes, a Break Corner, and a Food Court

The area for children's goods on the third floor has toys and clothes for children, as well as a play area. If you're bringing kids along you can rest assured that they won't get bored.


Children play space at ItoYokado Omori


Children's floor at ItoYokado Omori


In one of the corners is a baby care room, decorated with Hello Kitty designs. Here you'll find a nursing space with diaper changing tables, sinks, hot water, and children's toilets. Families with small children can shop here worry-free.


Baby care room at ItoYokado Omori


Baby care room at ItoYokado Omori 3rd floor


Diaper changing corner


■Kid's Goods and Stationery That Even Adults Will Want

There is a wide selection of goods for small children here. Kids will find a lot of cute characters, on shelves that they can reach.


Children's goods


Character goods for children at ItoYokado Omori


Stationery is also found on this floor. Here you'll find trendy items like erasable ballpoint pens, and the adorable animal standing pen cases.


Stationery at ItoYokado Omori
Erasable ballpoint pens
Animal standing pen cases


3F: Enjoy Everything from Udon to Burgers at the Food Court

Continuing to explore the 3d floor we found the food court. Everything from fast food, Japanese food, sweets, and desserts can be found here. With a large and varied menu you can enjoy a full meal or take a quick break.


Food court  at ItoYokado Omori


Food court at ItoYokado Omori


The "Ringo Hiroba" (apple square) area in the food court is a space reserved for dining with children. The space features a Hello Kitty theme and is fully equipped with low tables and chairs, padded mats to make sure kids don't hurt themselves if they fall, and even a stroller storage space.


Ringo Hiroba (apple square)


Children space in ItoYokado food court


Our Recommended Shopping List! 8 Must-Have Japanese Food Souvenirs

There are too many things that look delicious so it can be hard to choose what to buy. We can help with our hand-picked list made the DiGJAPAN! editorial team!



While Kit Kats are a classic Japanese souvenir, there are many other delicious chocolates that you can try. "Meiji THE Chocolate" is very popular in Japan and comes in a stylish package. Health-conscious consumers might want to try Lotte's "lactic acid bacteria chocolat" and Meiji's "oligo-smart milk chocolate".


Our Recommended Shopping List! 7 Must-Have Japanese Food Souvenirs


Potato Chips

"JAPAN PRIDE POTATO" is a Japan-made potato chips brand. They come in various flavors such as olive salt and shrimp. There are also many other popular potato snacks.


Our Recommended Shopping List! 7 Must-Have Japanese Food Souvenirs


Our Recommended Shopping List! 7 Must-Have Japanese Food Souvenirs



The "Baked Cheesecake" and "Raisins Biscuit Sandwich" from the Seven Café series taste like you just bought them fresh from a pastry shop!


Our Recommended Shopping List! 7 Must-Have Japanese Food Souvenirs


Green Tea

If you enjoy Japanese tea we recommend SEVEN PREMIUM GOLD's "Kin no Ryokucha". The tea was selected with the advice of the renown tea shop "Kambayashi Shunsho Honten" in Kyoto.


Our Recommended Shopping List! 7 Must-Have Japanese Food Souvenirs

Curry and Ramen

Check out the "regional curry and instant ramen" corner to find different flavors from all over Japan. Try the Wagyu beef curry or explore all the local types of ramen from Hokkaido to Kyushu. Soy sauce, miso, and tonkotsu ramen are just some of the many varieties.


Our Recommended Shopping List! 7 Must-Have Japanese Food Souvenirs


Our Recommended Shopping List! 7 Must-Have Japanese Food Souvenirs


Salad Dressings

There are a lot of different salad dressings in Japan. While the liquid ones are the most commonly used, lately there's been a rise of popularity for salt and spice blends. Try Kewpie's "Salad Salt" and the powdered dressing "Toss Sala" by Ajinomoto. The packages are so cute.

Our Recommended Shopping List! 7 Must-Have Japanese Food Souvenirs


Instant Soup

For a quick breakfast or to accompany your lunch, grab a box of these ready-made soups. Just pour in hot water and enjoy.


Our Recommended Shopping List! 7 Must-Have Japanese Food Souvenirs



ItoYokado boasts a well-stocked alcohol section. Japan loves seasonal packaging so make sure you check out the latest beer can designs. Also look out for limited edition chu-hi flavors! Even the wine comes in a Hello Kitty theme.




Save Even More at ItoYokado with Tax-Free Shopping!

ItoYokado offers a tax-free service. The ItoYokado Omori store has a duty-free counter on the 1st floor. Here you can complete the tax exemption procedure free of charge. Just bring the items you bought and the receipt to the counter together with your passport.


Save Even More at ItoYokado with Tax-Free Shopping!



ItoYokado Omori | イトーヨーカドー大森店
Address: 2-13-1 Omorikita, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. (some shops open at 9:00am on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)
Access: Approx. 7 min. walk from Omori Station East Exit on the JR Keihin Tohoku Line / approx. 3 min. walk from Omorikaigan Station on the Keikyu Main Line.

Omori Shop: ItoYokado Omori Shop

Convenient services for travelers: Tax exemption, credit card, IC card (Suica, PASMO) ATM (SEVEN BANK), Free Wi-Fi (7SPOT)

* The above article is based on a coverage from August 2019.
* Available items and prices may vary depending on the store and time of visit.


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