Hello Kitty Fans Can't Miss This! We Visited the New Hello Kitty Rooms at the Asakusa Tobu Hotel



Hello Kitty Fans Can't Miss This! We Visited the New Hello Kitty Rooms at the Asakusa Tobu Hotel


Good news for all you Hello Kitty lovers out there! The Asakusa Tobu Hotel has opened new Hello Kitty themed rooms in October 2020. Let's take a peek inside!

Japan's Cutest Cat Character Is Right in the Middle of Traditional Tokyo

To enter the world of Hello Kitty we must head to the Asakusa Tobu Hotel. The hotel is close to the Tokyo Metro Asakusa station, which is a 1 minute walk away, and the Tobu Asakusa station, which is only a 30 second walk away. It also has great access to both Haneda and Narita airports.
Asakursa Tobu Hotel 1

The Sakura Tennyo Room Is Cute and So Pink!

The Hello Kitty rooms come in two types. The Sakura Tennyo room is themed around Japanese cherry blossoms, while the Wa-Modern room has a more traditional Japanese style. They are located on the 4th to 6th floors of the hotel, for a total of six rooms.
Sakura Tennyo Room 1

The Sakura Tennyo room sports four large beds, as well as a tatami space with a low table and tatami chairs. 
Sakura Tennyo Room 2
Sakura Tennyo Room 3
Take a close look at the edge of the tatami and you'll spot Hello Kitty's ribbon!
Sakura Tennyo Room 4
The bathroom has a cute pink flower chair. It's a comfy spot to sit at while getting ready for the day. Of course even the toilet paper is pink!
Sakura Tennyo Room 5
Sakura Tennyo Room 6

Everything down to the room number is Hello Kitty-themed.
Sakura Tennyo Room 7

The Japanese Style Wa-Modern Room Is Overlooked by a Kimono-Clad Hello Kitty

The Wa-Modern room is different in style from the Sakura Tennyo room, adding the colorful Japanese style of Asakusa to the mix. This room also has four large beds, with a small coffee table and four chairs next to it.
Wa-Modern Room 1
Wa-Modern Room 2

If you're travelling with children or friends that need an early break there is a privacy curtain that divides the room.
Wa-Modern Room 3

The overall color style is soothing and incorporates many Japanese elements. The limited-edition merchandise offered at check-in is also different in design from the Sakura Tennyo room. It's really hard to choose which one to go with!
Wa-Modern Room 4
Wa-Modern Room 5

Hotel guests receive a special gift when they check in. Both room types have their own unique gift. They are not for sale so staying at the hotel is the only way to get this exclusive Hello Kitty merchandise!

Wa-Modern Room 6

Wa-Modern gift set 

Wa-Modern Room 7

Sakura Tennyo gift set

The Hotel Offers a Variety of Facilities

For those times when you need some extra cash, there is a currency exchange machine right inside the hotel. They also offer automated check-in machines that support several languages (including English).
Asakusa Tobu Hotel money exchange
Asakusa Tobu Hotel money exchange language

Staying Safe During Your Visit

As soon as you enter the Asakusa Tobu Hotel, the hotel staff asks all guests to sanitize their hands with alcohol before taking their body temperature, so that everyone can stay safely. All staff in the hotel lobby also wear masks.
Asakusa Tobu Hotel - safety 1
Asakusa Tobu Hotel - safety 2
Toilets are equipped with alcohol sanitization and various infection control measures, such as sensor trash cans that don't require touching to open.
Asakusa Tobu Hotel - safety 3
Markers are placed on the floor of the elevators and the hotel lobby to ensure that everyone maintains their social distance. The restaurant on the third floor of the hotel has also increased the distance between tables.
Asakusa Tobu Hotel - safety 4

Two Private Observation Deck Rooms!

The Asakusa Tobu Hotel also has an observation room with a view of the Skytree and a room where you can take a bath while gazing at Asakusa's Sensoji Temple.
Asakusa Tobu Hotel view
Asakusa Tobu Hotel bath view

What Do the Hotel's Regular Rooms Look Like?

The hotel's facilities are very well maintained. All the rooms are equipped with British Royal Warrant beds that are very comfortable to sleep on. There are also bed guards available for rent for guests with babies. The bathroom and the toilet are separated for a more private experience.
Asakusa Tobu Hotel regular rooms

Hello Kitty Fans Can Not Miss the Hello Kitty Room!

We loved the Hello Kitty Rooms at the Asakusa Tobu Hotel. Both are very cute and dreamy, with so much attention to detail. Hello Kitty lovers will definitely want to include it in their list of must-see spots!
Asakusa Tobu Hotel 2

Just a minute away from Tokyo Metro Asakusa Station, Exit 3! This is the same exit you take to Kaminarimon Gate, so the location is very convenient.
Asakusa Tobu Hotel access 1
Asakusa Tobu Hotel access 2


Asakusa Tobu Hotel |浅草東武ホテル
Address: 1-1-15 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Room rates: prices vary depending on the time of year.
Access: 1 min. walk from Tokyo Metro Asakusa Station Exit 3, 30 seconds walk from Tobu Asakusa Station

(C)1976, 2020 SANRIO CO., LTD.(H)

*The above article is based on information from September 2020. Please check with the facility before your visit for information on rates and services.

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