Top 5 Things To Do in Stunning Utazu Town on the Seto Inland Sea



Top 5 Things To Do in Stunning Utazu Town on the Seto Inland Sea


Utazu is a beautiful town located in central Kagawa Prefecture, adjacent to the Seto Inland Sea and under the Seto Ohashi Bridge. One highlight is the seaside area developed when the Seto Ohashi Bridge was opened, and a traditional area featuring shrines and old streetscapes, each offering its own distinct charm. Here are five activities to enjoy in Utazu.


Utazu is a beautiful town



Take in stunning views of the Seto Inland Sea

The Seto Inland Sea is a top tourist destination that is drawing worldwide attention. The mild climate and numerous beautiful islands make it a popular destination for its unique, spectacular scenery. Each of the four seasons offer a fresh, striking view to take in. The sunset views are especially breathtaking.
Seto Inland Sea sunset view

Utazu Rinkai Park is the perfect location to revel in the sun setting over the Seto Inland Sea and the lights illuminating the Seto Ohashi Bridge. A popular relaxation spot for both locals and tourists alike. Take a stroll along the seaside promenade and enjoy the peaceful ocean views.
Utazu Rinkai Park


Utazu Rinkai Park | 宇多津臨海公園
Address:4 Hamaichibancho, Utazu-cho, Kagawa(MAP
Hours:Free to visit
Closed:Free to visit
Website (Japanese-only):



A soothing stroll in a komachi (old) town with a retro feel

Located south of the town hall, the historical townscape of Utazu retains its old town atmosphere. Packed with rows of townhouses featuring a retro-style feel, the area has a nostalgic charm offering different spirit to the coastside. Temples and shrines are located at the end of intricate alleyways, strolling along the historical charm of the streets feels like taking a trip back in time.

The "Co-machi-no-ie" features two accommodation facilities: the "Rinsui" guest house and the "Sezan" Western-style lodging, where guests can immerse themselves in a traditional setting as if it were their own home.


Co-machi-no-ie 1

Co-machi-no-ie 2

The "Utazu's Machiya (old houses) and Hina Dolls" festival is held in March every year. About 60 private homes and public facilities take part in this annual festival as exhibition venues, and events such as a bride's procession create a lively mood.


Utazu's Machiya and Hina Dolls


Utazu Town Komachi Area | 宇多津町 古街エリア
Address:Utazu-cho, Kagawa(MAP
Website (Japanese-only):



3 more great sites in Utazu

■Gold Tower SORAKIN

Located 158 meters above ground at the Gold Tower observatory, the Sorakin aquarium provides spectacular views of the Seto Inland Sea and the town of Utazu.
Gold Tower SORAKIN
Pictures courtesy of Gold Tower
A mystical space featuring an aquarium with fish circling gracefully, with lights and mirrors completing the experience.
aquarium with fish circling gracefully
Pictures courtesy of Gold Tower


Gold Tower SORAKIN | 天空のアクアリウム ソラキン
Address:Gold Tower, 8-1 Hamaichibancho, Utazu-cho, Kagawa(MAP
Hours:10:00am -6:00pm (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays open until 10:00pm)
Closed:Open every day
Website (Japanese-only):


■Shikoku Health Village

Shikoku Health Village is a 24-hour health resort with more than ten different types of baths and popular theater performances to relish in. Choose from a broad selection of local cuisine specialties and dessert options at the restaurant in the adjacent building.
Shikoku Health Village
Pictures courtesy of Shikoku Health Village


Shikoku Health Village | 四国健康村

Address:6-10 Hamaichibancho, Utazu-cho, Kagawa(MAP
Hours:6:00am-1:00am(for spa area)
Closed:2nd Thursday of each month *Special holidays apply.
Website (Japanese-only):


■Umi to Sora no Cafe

With stunning views and coffee roasted on site, the "Umi to Sora no Cafe" offers a selection of menu items made with locally grown ingredients, with sea and sky-related cuisine in line with the cafe name.
Umi to Sora no Cafe


Umi to Sora no Cafe | 海と空のカフェ

Address:Utazu Umihotaru, 4 Hamaichibancho, Utazu-cho, Kagawa(MAP
Closed:Monday (if Monday is a national holiday, closed the following day)
Website (Japanese-only):



Utazu, a town with endless charm like spectacular scenery and culture

In addition to the highlights outlined here, there are many other exciting places to visit in Utazu, including the Shikoku Aquarium, shrines and temples such as Goshoji Temple and Ubushina Shrine, trendy cafes like THOTH COFFEE popular with locals, and the popular udon restaurant Shiogamaya. Why not visit them when you are in the area.


Utazu Town

■Utazu Town Tourism Information Site "Utazu Sanpo Michi”:

■Utazu Guide Map & Guidebook (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese):

■Utazu Town YouTube SETOUCHI UTA’s STORY

Access to Utazu Town
■ From Takamatsu Airport
Approx. 60 minutes to Utazu Station (South Exit) by limousine bus

■ From Okayama Station
Approx. 32 minutes by JR Express Shiokaze to Utazu Station

*The above article is based on information from March 2024.
* Information is subject to change, so please check the official website or other information before visiting.

*PR * This article is a tie-up with Utazu Town, Kagawa Prefecture


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