Carbs on Carbs! Ramen and Rice at Ginzasa



Carbs on Carbs!
Ramen and Rice at Ginzasa


Vacations are a time to indulge, right? So what could be more indulgent than enjoying a ton of carbs? Located eight minutes on foot from Tsukiji Market, Ginzasa's suggested way of eating their ramen is a little unusual and will definitely satisfy even the most intense carb craving. 
Ramen at Ginzasa
A beautiful bowl of shio ramen. 

Let’s take a look at the ramen. This is Ginzasa's shio ramen. The broth is uncomplicated, but still has a deep flavor. Their toppings include some familiar favorites like menma (fermented bamboo slices) and a big slice of super-tender char sui. A more unusual addition to the mix is some fish balls made with sea bream. Yum~

Pouring soup on the rice at Ginzasa
After the noodles are gone, it's time for your second round of carb-goodness. 

Once you’ve finished off your noodles, it’s time to move onto your second course of carbs: rice. Not just plain old rice, though. We’re talking about Ginzasa’s famous taimeshi! Taimeshi is rice cooked with a piece of sea bream. Believe it or not, this rice is actually the star of the shop; the chefs created the ramen so that it’d go well with the rice! So why does Ginzasa suggest that you get your rice after you finish most of your ramen? So you can pour that glorious, golden soup on it. The bowls even come with a convenient lip for pouring the soup so you don’t waste a single drop. 

Inside Ginzasa
The inside of Ginzasa.

The interior of Ginzasa is minimalistic. You won’t see anything other than the absolute necessities (e.g. tables, chairs, coat hangers, etc.) inside. Most notable is the shop’s bold use of the color black, punctuated by a few accents of bright red. But don’t let the dark interior scare you away! It’s actually a very chill place where even people traveling solo can feel comfortable settling down to a pleasant meal.  

Please note that Ginzasa will close early if they run out of soup, so it’s a good idea to get there early so you don’t miss out! 
The outside of GinzasaThe outside of Ginzasa.


Ginzasa | 銀笹
Fuji Bldg. 1F 8-15-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 
Mon.-Sat. 11:30am~3:00pm; 5:30pm~10:00pm 
Closed Sundays and holidays 
※ The restaurant will close early if they run out of soup 
Shio ramen: \850
Taimeshi: \200
8 min walk from Exit A3 of Tsukijishijo Station (Oedo Line)
10 min walk from the Ginza Exit of JR Shimbashi Station (JR Lines)
10 min walk from Higashi Ginza Station (Hibiya Line)

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