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Make Mealtime Cute With These
3D Toast Makers


You'll never have to eat boring bread again thanks to these PAN DE POP!UP! 3D bread cutters. Whether it's toast for breakfast or a sandwich for lunch, mealtime just got a whole lot cuter.

PAN DE POP!UP! 3D bread cutters 1

To start making your very own piece of adorable bread, use the cookie cutter to create the animal's face and arms.  

PAN DE POP!UP! 3D bread cutters 2

Now you have the outline of the animal's arms, head, and a little vertical cut above its head. 

PAN DE POP!UP! 3D bread cutters 3

Next, you'll use the face stamp to give your animal some personality. Now instead of regular bread, we have panda bread! 

PAN DE POP!UP! 3D bread cutters 4

Here's where the pop-up part comes in. Remember that horizontal cut at the top of the panda's head? Fold one piece towards the center of the bread...

PAN DE POP!UP! 3D bread cutters 5

...and then fold the other piece in and on top of the first... 

PAN DE POP!UP! 3D bread cutters 6

...and ta-da! Now your bear is sitting up. Stick him in the toaster for a little bit to give him a nice golden color. 

PAN DE POP!UP! 3D bread cutters 7

Who wouldn't be happy to wake up to a breakfast like this? Just look at how cute the toast is, holding a little tomato. Parents' of picky eaters might want to give this a try. 

PAN DE POP!UP! 3D bread cutters 8

The set comes with two additional face templates: a bear and a frog. You can turn your plate into a zoo!

PAN DE POP!UP! 3D bread cutters 9

How did you ever manage to live without this in your life, right? 


Product name: PAN DE POP!UP! (パンDEポップ!アップ!)
Product specs: cutter piece 10.5cm X 12.5cm X 2.5cm; Face stamps 8cm X 5.3cm X 1.2cm; Package 14cm X 23cm X 3cm
Average retail price: 980 yen (tax incl.)
Retail locations:, Yodobashi Camera, Tokyu Hands, etc.

*Please be advised that price may differ by retailer.
*Retailers may not have this item in stock.

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