Our Top 15 Food and Drinks to Buy at Muji!



Our Top 15 Food and Drinks to Buy at Muji!


Many love Muji, the Japanese retail store known for its minimalist style and high-quality products. From stationery to furniture to everyday goods, the no-brand style of Muji has captured the heart of many both in Japan and the whole world.
Muji Ginza

We've already talked a lot about the Tokyo's special branch Muji Ginza and Japan's first Muji Hotel. Today I want to focus on a particular section of Muji products, something you might not think of when you think of the store: food and drink!
Food and drink section at Muji

Yes, Muji also has a food and drink section, and I love shopping there. For this article I'm going to give you a little peek into this area and share with you my top 15 favorite products.


1. Baumkuchen

150 yen

A whole area is also dedicated to Baumkuchen, the German cake that's so incredibly popular in Japan. These sweet cakes come in a nice size that you can enjoy on the go. I recommend you try the sweet potato one! Other flavors include banana, butter, matcha, coffee, and caramel.

2. Chocolate Coated Strawberries

Chocolate Coated Strawberries
290 yen

These are one of the top-sellers, apparently almost everyone grabs some when they shop here. The whole strawberries are freeze-dried and covered in chocolate! Can't go wrong with the classic white chocolate, but if you're a lover of green tea you'll enjoy the matcha chocolate version as well.

3. Yolk Bolo

Yolk Bolo
99 yen

If you want a chance to try an old Japanese sweet, I recommend bolo. These tiny cookies made with potato starch, egg, sugar and milk are simple and delicious. They are characterized by the fact that they melt in your mouth, and they are moderately sweet. The name derives from the Portuguese word for "cake" and they have a very long history in Japan.

4. Soybean Flour Balls

Soybean Flour Balls
99 yen

Soybean flour, or kinako in Japanese, is a popular ingredient in Japanese sweets. I am a big fan of kinako and love it for its rich, nutty flavor that's not too sweet. If that sounds good, these chewy bite-sized treats won't last long in your hands!


5. Mini Ramen

Mini Ramen
120 yen

Instant noodles are known by many as a quick meal, but what about a quick snack? These miniature ramen blocks can be munched on as they are, without adding any hot water. The crunchy texture is great and they come in different flavors.

6. Dried Squid Sheet

Dried Squid Sheet
250 yen
A classic Japanese snack that can become addictive! Dried squid is often enjoyed by Japanese people as a beer snack and even on its own. The sweet seasoning and chewy texture are the perfect combo. If you like meat jerky, consider trying this "fishy" version.

7. Fruit and Vegetable Sticks

Fruit and Vegetable Sticks
190 yen

For lovers of healthy snacks, these crunchy sticks have a natural and fragrant taste. The ingredient list is very short and they are made with domestically grown fruit and vegetables.


8. Fruit and Herb Smoothies

Fruit and Herb Smoothies
250 yen

Muji also carries a selection of original smoothies with unique combinations of flavors. They usually contain three ingredients, with one of them putting an interesting accent on the mix. Orange, carrot and ginger might be my favorite but there are also other interesting combinations like banana, mango and turmeric or strawberry, beet and thyme!

9. Muji Original Coffee Blend

Muji Original Coffee Blend
490 yen (beans, 200g)

For coffee lovers like me, Muji sells an original blend of organic beans from Colombia and Honduras. It has a mild aroma with a clean aftertaste. You can get the bean version (whole or ground) and the bag version (drip or teabag style).

10. Seasonal Teas

Seasonal Teas - sakura green tea
390 yen

I love the tea selection at Muji, because they carry things that you don't see anywhere else. Apple and Rooibos, Ginger and Lemongrass, Rosehip and orange peel are just some of their blends. What you should also look out for are their limited seasonal teas! I visited in spring and they were carrying Sakura Green Tea.


11. Curry

Curry, rice and naan
Rice 190 yen, Nahn 190 yen, curry 350 yen
Curry is certainly one of my favorite comfort foods. Here you can find a nice selection of instant curry, from classics like butter chicken to unusual flavors like lemon cream chicken. They also sell rice and naan bread, so you can get the whole kit to enjoy at home! I like their special sections like "non-spicy curry", "curry containing under 10g of sugars", and "big portion curry".

12. Rice Kit

Rice Kit
from 390 yen

There are so many Japanese rice recipes, but sometimes it can be hard to get all the ingredients and make them at home. With this kit you only need the rice and you'll be able to savor some homely Japanese dishes easily.

13. Soup

Tomato soup with miso
390 yen
I recommend these if you want to try some delicious variations on miso soup with extra ingredients like tomatoes, eggplant, spinach and more! There are also many other flavors, from Japanese to Wester cuisine.

14. Canned Fish

Canned Fish
290 yen

Muji carries an interesting selection of canned fish (with a very sleek design). They focus on lesser-known species like saffron cod and include harder to process parts of the fish like tail and bones. A nice twist to a mundane product.

15. Seasonal Treats
Seasonal Treats
from 190 yen

Another thing that drew my attention was a shelf where everything came in cute little squares: cookies, cakes, brownies, and even chocolate. There are so many flavors and toppings, some of them changing every season (the items in the pictures were season specials too). They use a lot of dried fruit and nuts as toppings.

Bonus: Try the New "Sweets by Weight" Service!


Bonus: Try the New "Sweets by Weight" Service!


Muji "Sweets by Weight" Service

In some of its locations, Muji has started a fun service where you can make your own mix of sweets and pay by the gram! It's a self-service corner where you put what you want into a paper bag, weigh it, and pay. The selection includes cookies, rice crackers, chocolate, marshmallows, and other candy.
You can find it in several of the bigger branches in Tokyo like Ginza, Shibuya and Ikebukuro, and in other cities like Kyoto and Osaka.



I hope you liked my list! If you visit Muji, don't forget to spend some time in the food section. I'm sure you'll lose yourself among the many shelves and stands carrying all kinds of delicious goodies!


Muji | 無印良品

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*The above article is based on information from March 2021.
*All prices are tax-inclusive.
*Prices and other information in this article are subject to change.

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