Five Places in Tokyo to Enjoy Ramen in Style!



Five Places in Tokyo to Enjoy Ramen in Style!


Ramen. There has been an increase in the number of ramen shops popping up in various countries, but there's nothing quite like enjoying a bowl in Japan. 

Yet as delicious as it is, the ambience of many ramen shops (called ramen-ya in Japanese) isn’t always the most inviting. The stores can be narrow, cramped, and dim. Then there’s the issue of speed. Japanese people have this amazing ability to effortlessly slurp up noodles. I've never been able to master it. Ramen is hot! Yet while I'm waiting for my ramen to cool off, the people around me are virtually inhaling their noodles. 

While wolfing down noodles in some hole-in-the-wall ramen-ya is fun when you’re looking for a “deep” look into Japan’s ramen culture, you might also want to try a place where you can really enjoy your meal and even sit back and relax a bit.

That's why I asked my coworker Ayami for advice. Ayami is a fashionable, adorable 20-something. She also loves ramen. With her help, the DiGJAPAN! editorial staff put together a list of five ramen-ya in Tokyo that are both delicious and stylish. Think date night-level classy ramen. Click on the links below to go to the full article for that ramen-ya. Happy browsing!  
Ayami tries lots of ramen
Meet Ayami! She really tried all the ramen-ya in this list, so you can be sure that they're taste tested and approved! 

Ginza Kagari 

Kagari ramen tokyo

Curious to see what happens when you mix ramen with the sensibility of kaiseki ryori? Try Ginza Kagari for an artful bowl of super-rich chicken-based shio ramen topped with seasonal veggies. The inside of the restaurant is just as high-class as the food. With only eight counter seats available, it's easy to pretend that you're a VIP diner. 


Mugi to Olive ramen tokyo

This ramen won't blow your budget even though it's in the Michelin Guide Tokyo. The Tripple Soba at GINZA NOODLES Mugi to Olive (pronounced moo-gee toh oh-ree-boo) is brimming with the umami goodness of tons of hamaguri clams. Plus, there's shallot olive oil. The outside of the restaurant has a refreshing Mediterranean look to it, and the inside is simple and sophisticated.


Ginzasa ramen Tokyo

Carb lovers, indulge with this delicious ramen / rice combo at Ginzasa. Once you've finished your noodles, pour the leftover soup on top of the shop's famous taimeishi  (rice cooked with sea bream) and it eat it up. You can enjoy all this plus the shop's bold use of red and black in their color scheme. 

Miso Noodle Spot KAKU-A

Miso Noodle Spot KAKU-A

Like your ramen big and bold? Try the curry miso ramen at Miso Noodle Spot KAKU-A (pronounced kah-koo-ae). Topped with cheese and tomato and loaded with a special blend of curry spices, it's a ramen experience unlike any other. The fresh white walls of this restaurant give it a nice, airy feel and the comfortable seats at the counter invite you to relax and enjoy your meal. Added bonus: this place is located within minutes of Shinjuku Gyoen. 


Kugatsudo Ramen Tokyo

If you have a sweet tooth that needs appeasing, head to Kugatsudo. Run by a husband-wife team, you can enjoy both all-natural ramen and homemade desserts in one place! This place is a great escape if you need a break from the crowds of the big city. With a great view of greenery from their huge window, you'd never believe you were only a ten minute walk from Shibuya Station! 
Have you been to any of these places? Have other ramen-ya you'd like to recommend? Let us know in the comments!


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