Carbs on Carbs! Ramen and Rice at Ginzasa

Ramen at Ginzasa

Vacations are a time to indulge, right? So what could be more indulgent than enjoying a ton of carbs? Located eight minutes on foot from Tsukiji Mar...

Miso + curry…? Try a bold bowl of ramen at Miso Noodle Spot KAKU-A

Ramen at Miso Noodle Spot KAKU-A

If ramen were something you could study in school, you’d probably learn in your 100-level intro c...

Keeping it classy with Michelin Guide ramen at GINZA NOODLES Mugi to Olive

Ramen at Mugi to Olive

The words Michelin Guide invoke images of sophisticated restaurants, mouthwatering cuisine, and a pr...

Cat Cafe MoCHA

Cat Café MoCHA

In Tokyo where pet-friendly apartments are rare, cat cafés offer people an escape from the stre...

Roll Sushi Art

Sushi Art!

Instead of souvenirs, consider remembering your trip to Japan by learning how to make sushi roll art. Th...

Hegi soba: a famous food from Niigata.

What's hegi soba?

Learn a little about the history of and how to enjoy one of Niigata's beloved meals: hegi soba! Tempu...